I am not a traditional artist.  I don’t find a challenge in taking traditional photographs.  I want you to jump in the water, climb a tree, I want you to bring a sibling along to take horrible funny pictures with, I want you to be your carefree self for a hour or more.  That doesn’t mean I won’t take the standard photograph of you smiling; it means I will shine as a photographer by doing more than that.  And your images will be more memorable because of it.

I have a love for moody emotion, sun-flares at dawn and unexpected laughs that show your true self.  I believe in spending a few hours with someone, but really getting to know them.  And I believe in the photograph.  I believe in being able to hold a physical print and look trough a well-made album.  I believe in art.

This is so much more than just getting your pictures taken…. this is an experience!

One to two weeks after your session, your images will be ready for your Premiere Ordering Session.  This experience is also so much more than just what happens the day of your session.  You will be presented with 10-50 of the best images in my studio, on a large computer screen.  I am here to help you look through your images and choose what might work best for grandma, what size image would fit best in your living room or help pick out what images make great wallets.  I don’t offer a CD of digital images for you to sort through and figure out on your own, I offer a full hand-held service for you to experience and remember.